Our solutions

Our company offers revolutionary solar, lighting and water heating systems, that are powered by high-quality solar modules. Our vision is to make the newest technologies available to everyone.

Why Us ?

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Our panels are manufactured using German standards and technology, high-quality materials and   automated machine.


Our PV modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 30 years with the product warranty of 12 years. 


We offer the most innovative design solutions for house rooftops, such as double glass black modules or the thinnest modules in the world. 

Individual Approach

Every customer has his/her own demands and needs. That's why our solutions are very flexible and are different according to the project.

Qualified engeneers

Our PV Modules are manufactured by German engeneers and meet the international quality standards. Our Armenian engeeners always find the best installation solutions for every project.


Eco Step offers a very flexible discount system which depends on the order volume and the payment way. We offer also a leasing with the most reasonable percentage.

About Us

Eco step is a young company founded by Yury Kachachyan and his wife Mariam Meyroyan Kachachyan in Armenia. The company offers alternative energy solutions. The mission of our company is to provide innovative and ecologically-friendly technologies affordable for everyone.

We provide green energy for families, businesses and public sector.

Eco Step the official representative of AE Solar - a well-known manufacturer of German photovoltaic modules, which guarantee high-quality and best performance. Our solar modules are manufactured in a modern and fully automated production plants which are managed under German quality standards.

Being aware that the quality is the best guarantee for a safe investment, eco step commits to providing only the best quality for customers...

Our service cyrcle is including

Planning and projecting


After Sales service

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100% testing ratio for visual inspection, EL testing, pressure testing, mechanical load testing and age testingensure that our PV modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 30 years with the product warranty of 12 years.

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