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Official Representative of the Ameri Solar Brand in Armenia

Official representative of the Ameri Solar brand in Armenia

One of the biggest and the best solar panel worldwide producer- Ameri Solar has endowed an official distribution certificate to Eco Step Armenia.

How did the brand announce this to Eco Step? Yes ! It was through Christmas gifts!

Through lots of Christmas gifts, which Ameri Solar’d sent to Eco Step Armenia, there was a thin box, with the distribution certificate inside. We didn’t know about this. It was a very nice and creative surprise from our biggest solar partner.

We should be proud of mentioning the fact that not business, but human factor is the base of this approach. Both the brand of Eco Step Armenia, and the people who work there have this human approach in their work. This is the foundation of our right and profitable for the customer engineering, financial and business solutions.

And so, henceforth, Eco Step Armenia is the official distributor of Ameri Solar solar PV USA brand in Armenia.

We’re more than grateful for this kind surprise!

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