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Average Lifetime of solar PV Modules

Average lifetime of solar PV modules


Solar energy is being used in energetic field since the 1800s as we know. Famous French physician Alexander Edmond Becquerel was the one, who invented solar energy as an energetic and thermal solution in 1839, using also magnetic and optical forces.
Many countries try to boost the solar energy field and support the development by creating a profitable legislation field and loan terms for individuals and businesses to have energetic freedom and to solve ecological problems.

How many years will the solar PV module be exploited?

But anyway, the more people realize the profites of solar energy, the more they start to ask questions. One of these questions is: How many years will the solar PV module be exploited? How to prolong the solar PV panel’s productivity.

However, the guarantee of solar PV module’s productivity is given by the manufacturer, that’s why it’s important to collaborate only with certified, experienced solar PV manufacturers. Eco Step is proud to announce that all PV and solar inverter producers are classified in top 10 quality world manufacturers.
Offering only premium class solar products, Eco Step gives big importance also to installation quality and professionalism. Having a reliable product is not enough to guarantee long lifetime of the solar PV system. Eco Step Armenia ensures the PV system’s security and highest productivity, being sure in protection systems’ quality and long lifetime.
So, depending on the solar brand that the client will choose, Eco Step will provide more than 30 years of linear performance guarantee with 15-25 years of product warranty with free service.

Type of Solar panels

Anyway, solar panels are classified in two, big types: Monocrystalline and polycrystalline. There’re many opinions about the lifetimes of these two types, but we have to mention that it’s not professional to give advantage to one type, because the panels act differently in different regions and climate terms. For example, monocrystalline solar panels are better in cold, but not so foggy regions. Policrystalline solar panels have longer life period in very hot regions. But anyway, the advantage is for monocrystalline solar panels in Armenian climate terms. The monocrystalline solar panel will give more efficiency also. It needs fewer surfaces and produces more energy.

So, giving a big importance to the development of solar energy field, countries try to influence on solar panel and solar inverter producting quality, that’s why they demand quality and special certification for companies, which produce solar PV. The certificates are demanded also for every production series and every solar module with an exact code.

However, talking about solar PV module productivity, we have to take into consideration also the external factors which influence on PV system effiency:

  • Solar PV panel slope and azimuth
  • Climate terms of the region
  • Solar PV module’s systematically cleaning and service
  • Shadows
  • Temperature of the region

Of course, except climate terms and PV module cleaning, it’s very important to provide mechanical security during the installation. If any damages be on the solar panel, it will have more degradation during the year.

This is the reason, that we take into consideration not only the manufacturing quality of the product, but also the work quality of installation team. 

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