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Why we Celebrate Chinese New Year in February?

Ինչու՞ են Չինաստանում Ամանորը նշում Փետրվարին։ Փաստեր Չինական Ամանորի մասին։


Acting in solar energy field, it’s impossible to avoid China and Chinese relationships, cause it’s the biggest giant in PV industry. China is the biggest producer of PV modules, inverters and other solar technologies.

China is a very interesting culture, which is worth to study. So, why Chinese people celebrate New year holidays in February? What means red colour in China during holidays?


So, to start this interesting topic, we have to mention that Chinese new year is celebrated in February, not in 1st January, cause they are taking into account not Gregorian but Lunar calendar, and as the day is connected with Lunar calendar- a new moon birth, it’s not the same every year. The Chinese New Year day is being changed every year, but anyway it’s is being celebrated during February.

According to Easters calendar, China is celebrating not 2022 but 4720 year.

The real name of Chinese New Year is Chunjie, which means ,,Spring festival,,. They celebrate their spring festival with many similarities with Armenian people. First of all they pass the holidays with their families. They make traditional dishes, many of which include meat and sweets. They make a very family supper evening together. Chinese people like making gifts to each other.  The most common gift is money in red envelope, which symbolises luck in New Year.

And what is the meaning of the dragon? Why all New Year decorations are in red colour in China?

As we understood, Chinese New Year history is more than 4000 years. In pursuance of Chinese legend, a monster dragon named Nian (Nian means year in Chinese) comes every New Year and damages peoples’ houses, steels children and eats their food.

After some time, people understand that the only thing the Dragon is scared is red colour. They start to decorate their houses with red lanterns; they wear red clothes and make fireworks.

The other way to protect from Dragon is feasting and feeding the dragon. Chinese people place very tasty food near the house doors, for the dragon to carry them and be kind to people.

So, the legend of Nian Dragon made the Chinese holidays very specific and interesting to the whole world.

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