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Government subsidiary. Solar systems with 0% annual rate

Government subsidiary. It is possible to install solar systems with 0% annual rate.

Armenian government is going green! The government supports solar energy development in the country. Now it is possible to install solar PV systems and solar water heaters up to 10 million AMD limitation.

Privileged rates, which are provided by the government, are the following:

  • 0-2% if the beneficiary is in borderland.
  • 2% if it’s a village
  • 3% if it’s a regional city
  • 5% if it’s Yerevan city


To access the support, the beneficiary must first apply solar energy company, which must organize the loan process with the partner banks.

Eco Step Solar Energy Company, as one of the leading companies in the solar energy field in Armenia and collaborating with all the Armenian banks and credit companies, offers minimal loan rates with governmental subsidiary.


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