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Green in fashion. What speaks color about personality?

Green in fashion. What speaks color about personality and human character?


Today is a day to speak not about alternative energy sources but fashion. Of course this is one of the most interesting topics for women.


Let’s speak about green color in fashion and style.

Did you notice that the most common color of the 2021 is green one. The fashion trends are revolving around green.


Is this a trend connected with nature and environment? This is how the fashion critics explain this appearance.

After all, the first thing that inspires the artist, the designer, is nature.


The green became very popular with its all shades, from light mint to dark green.


But why exactly the green became so polular in fashion industry? Why people accepted it much more than for example neon colors.

Color phsychology, of course, gives all the answers.

A person’s color choice speaks about his/her emotions, feelings, behaviour and character.



Many people associate the green with nature and harmony. This is a color, which is used in eastern countries to relax from everyday routine.



Pay atention, that this is the favorite color of many lucky people. They are the ones who love money. Green is the color of money, jealousy and envy.

Researches shov that green lovers are the ones who strive for success. Many business people affirmed that they love green color the most.



The color is not only a mood of a moment. It is fixed in human memory. Imagine how tired is a person who passes all the day in a color and light polluted place. Let’s agree we all have this friend, who is always tired because of his colorful and noisy workplace. They want to do nothing.

People who work in a green and calm surrounding are often very quiet and positive.


And so,


Then, why we say ,,green way,,.

So, pass much time in nature, wear green clothes. The color not only speaks about our psychology, but also has big influence on human aura and energy.

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