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How are eco-friendly technologies changing homes?

How are eco-friendly technologies changing homes?

What is the Homing Expo about?

For the first time, the unprecedented Homing Expo opened its doors from June 7-9 at the Meridian Exhibition Complex. Homing Expo brought together companies from the field of home renovation, furniture, interior and exterior design, and other related fields under one roof. EcoStep, with its innovative solutions, did not miss the main event of the year.

Homing Expo

EcoStep at the Homing Expo

With a mission to make alternative energy accessible to all segments of society, the Homing Expo has become one of the best platforms to communicate and present our services to everyone. Our projects were showcased in our pavilion, which generated significant interest among visitors. We presented collaborations with Darget, VAK Metal, Domus, Shkaff, Zebra, and other well-known companies, along with projects designed for families. Products from leading solar energy brands such as Canadian Solar, Huawei, and Stäubli were featured at our booth. We provided visitors with comprehensive information about solar energy, its advantages, and the potential for savings.

Homing Expo

The Canadian brand Canadian Solar is considered the most powerful panel in the world according to Forbes magazine, capable of producing up to 725 watts of electricity. Huawei’s Chinese-made inverters are recognized as among the best in their field. Huawei converters are known for their high efficiency, often exceeding 98%, meaning they can convert the vast majority of solar energy generated by solar panels into usable electricity. Interested visitors were offered gift cards providing discounts of up to AMD 1,000,000. If desired, specialists started processing loan applications on the spot, without burdening the client.

Homing Expo

Why is solar energy important for a home?

The main goal of the Homing Expo was “Everything for a home under one roof.” As leaders in the field of solar energy, we were able to present the advantages of alternative energy to visitors:

1. Saving money: Solar panels generate electricity from the sun, potentially reducing monthly utility bills to zero.
2. Energy independence: By producing your own electricity, you become less reliant on the power grid and immune to energy price fluctuations and power outages.
3. State subsidies: Armenia offers subsidy programs that assist families in purchasing solar panels at 0% interest.
4. Increase in property value: Solar panels enhance a property’s value and attract interest from consumers.
5. Low maintenance costs: Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free.


What results did the Homing Expo achieve?

Visitors had the opportunity to learn about solar energy firsthand, receiving comprehensive information from leading experts in the field, and were encouraged to initiate their own solar energy projects.

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