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How the Solar Inverter Works and Kind of Solar Inverters

How the solar inverter works? What kind of solar inverters exist?


Some people imagine only solar panels, when we’re talking about solar photovoltaic station. It’s not right. Solar PV station includes some other main components, which do a core job for the station’s permanent performance.

One of the most important, core elements of the solar PV station is solar inverter, which is responsible for energy output, for the energy our house equipment use. So, we may say, that the quality and the quantity of energy fully depends on solar inverter’s reliability.

In engineering language it’s more correct to say, that inverter’s core job is to convert DC – direct current received from the solar modues into AC – alternating current that the home exploits.

Solar inverters are classified into three main types

  1. on grid
  2. hybrid
  3. autonomic
  • on grid type inverters, which are mostly told as grid-tie inverters, combine energy of sun with the electricity energy. These systems are the most common in Armenia energetic market. One of the features of grid-tie inverters is automatically disconnection, when there’s no electricity from the electricity. So we may say that the inverter processes like a simple equipment which exploits electricity from the utility grid. The reason the inverter disconnects in case no electricity from the grid is for security reasons. They do not deliver reservoir energy during electricity idle to not damage electric grid serviceman’s health.
  • Storage backup or hybrid inverters, have one main specification: they draw energy  both from a storage system and electric grid. The hybrid inverters are able to deliver AC energy to selected loads during a utility outcome, and are demanded to have some more protection systems like anti-islanding. This kind of solar systems are much used in factories, where 24 hours of energy is required for manufacturing. So in case grid electricity shuts downs, the storage systems start to be exploited. Except this main job, solar inverters are responsible for other important functions: voltage tracking, grid communication, and emergency shutoff.
  • Autonomic inverters are exploited in insulated systems, where’s no electricity. In this case the inverter forms its DC energy from storage systems charged by PV modules. So we may say that between solar modules and inverter there’re solar batteries. Many off grid, autonomic inverters also take up other inseparable battery chargers, charge controllers to accomplish the battery from an alternating current source, when available. Normally these PV systems do not contact with the electricity in anyhow, and as such, are not demanded to have much protection systems. So, these kind of solar PV systems may be exploited in fields, in military, in agribusiness, in coffee tracks, where’s no electricity.

Except before mentioned categories, solar inverters may be also single phase and three phase, which depends on the equipment the house or business uses.

The base of solar inverter work is the energy that comes from the sun, The inverter assists changing the direct current, which

solar power inverter utilizes solar energy that comes from the sun. It aids in changing the direct current solar electricity into the usable alternating current solar electricity. So we may understand that the DC is not usable electricity. We have to invert it to 220v for single phase current or 380V for three phase current to make our equipment work. DC is the solar energy that flows in one direction in the electricity flow and it helps providing current when there isn’t any electricity. But anyway, even when it exists when there’s no electricity, we need solar inverter to make the current usable. So the usable current is AC – alternating current.

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