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The Perfect Place to Install Solar Panels. Where and How?

The perfect place to install solar panels. Where and how?


Whether it’s possible to install solar panels anywhere? The most frequently asked question has one answer-question: Will it be possible to plant a garden in anyplace not considering the issue of light, water and ground.

Just like plants, the solar panels also need the highest light rate, which is the most important factor for the PV installation.
The solar PV station slope, azimuth are the most important factors during installation, so it’s not possible to install without the site study. It’s not the same to install solar panels on the house wall vertically or on the rooftop horizontally. The efficiency will be very different. Everything matters.

The solar PV installation is not a small investment, so it must be ideal to trust the pre-installation studies to a specialized team, who will examine the solar potential, roof or relief. In common, the solar panels are being installed on the rooftop with an exact way, with solar metal construction. This is because the solar PV is the most efficient when having a slope to south. So this is the reason, that every customer must ask himself: What is the most important reason he installs the solar panel: energy efficiency, gas reduction or just the solar PV existence on the rooftop.

In general, the most common place to install solar panels is the rooftop, especially when it’s residential project. But it’s also possible to install on the ground like a cover, roofing, parking and so on. Depending on the site features, climate and other factors, the listed above constructions may all produce the highest efficiency and solar power if installed with ideal technical standards.

Just within this theme, we’d like to talk about the solar PV installation price, which depends the installation features, whether it’s on the roof or ground. In case of ground mounting, the price is higher for concrete and metal construction height. So this is the reason, that Eco Step Green Energy Solution Company never publishes fixed prices. The most professional approach is to study the site, make a solar examination and then make a material price list.
However, where is the most convenient place to install solar panels? Everywhere is possible, and everything depends on the site features.

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