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Ijevan Supermarket Installs Solar Energy

What benefits will the company receive?

We successfully completed another project in the city of Ijevan. Our partner this time is one of the supermarkets operating in Ijevan. A solar plant with an annual capacity of 65,000 kWh was installed for the company. The energy produced by the plant helps the company save more than 3,400,000 AMD annually.

Brands that have been included in the project

AmeriSolar brand panels, SOFAR solar inverters, and all necessary protective automatic systems were installed for our partner.

What equipment is installed?

  • 119 AmeriSolar 420 Watt modules
  • 1 x Sofar 50 kW inverter
  • Impulse surge protection systems
  • DC and AC protection systems

It’s time to save

Savings of more than 3,000,000 drams per year for the business. The company achieved this result with the help of installing solar plants. And you don’t want to?

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