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Odzun Family's Solar Solution

Solar energy in your family

With a mission to make solar energy available to everyone, we started a project in Odzun village. Many families have switched to alternative energy by installing a solar plant and started saving money.

Within the framework of the project, a 16 kW solar plant with three-phase current was installed. On an annual basis, more than 22,400 kWh of electricity is produced for the family, which is equivalent to saving more than 1,100,000 AMD per year. Through solar energy, the family directs the savings into their activities, getting more benefits.

What brands were used?

Ameri Solar brand panels, Goodwe solar inverter, and all necessary protective automatic systems were installed for the family.

What equipment is installed?

  • 41 Ameri Solar solar 390 watt modules
  • 1 pc 15 kW Goodwe brand inverter
  • Impulse overvoltage protection systems
  • DC and AC protection systems


The family was able to install a solar system in the Odzun community through state aid funds.

It’s time to save

The electricity cost of the family, about 100,000 AMD per month, is reduced to zero thanks to the installed solar photovoltaic system. The family invests the savings in its agricultural work, increasing their income.

Don’t you want to save the family budget and have your own energy source?

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