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10 kw PV plant installed in Yerevan

One more family joined us! Eco families are getting more and more…

The client who’d installed solar water heaters some years ago for domestic hot water and house heating, felt the result and decided to add one more eco system for his house. The 10 kw solar PV will reduce greenhouse gases to our environment.

The family will get up to 700 000 AMD economy per year!

The following systems are installed:

– German AE SOLAR, 380w monocrystalline solar panels

– Growatt  10 kw three phase inverter

– Full protection system

– DC and AC protection systems

– Earthing system

– SPD protection

We’re grateful for chosing us! We believe that solar energy is one of the most important steps, that saves the world!

Նախագծի հիմնական բնութագրերը

  • PV modules AE Solar 360w

  • Sofar Solar 10 kw three phase inverter

  • Earthing and full protection system

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