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Is Solar Energy Actual and Workable During the Wintertime?

Is solar energy actual and workable during the wintertime? If so, is it effective?


The most common myth about solar energy is that it’s not working during the winter. We’re very glad to announce that this claim is not correct.


So, now please pay attention to the facts:

  • Solar panels are working even in the winter, when there’s a sun. The most important is the sunshine presence.
  • We may say that the system keeps the same efficiency in the winter, as it does in the summer. The only reason the system produces less energy in the winter is that the sun hours are less than during the summer.
  • Technically: Solar panel silicone Is closed with a anti-glare glass, which absorbs maximum light.
  • In the same way, the solar panel absorbs the air temperature. Even in case a very small sunlight the panel gets much hotter.  So the snow melts and cleans the panel. That’s why we call solar panel a ,,self-cleaning product,,


So, as we understood, the glass of the solar panel influences on the system’s productivity during the winter time. It helps to absorb much energy.


How the cold helps or obstacles to the solar PV system?

What concerns to the cold, it only helps the solar panel work. The colder is the atmosphere, the less is the degradation of the PV module.

In many regions, where it is cold, solar systems have the best productivity.


Gegharquniq region is one of these regions in Armenia. This is a place where is very cold, but not foggy.


Is it needed to serve solar panels in the winter?

In general, solar panels are classified to the products, which don’t need any service.

As we mentioned above, the snow Is melting down from the solar panel even in case a small sunlight. But there’re some regions, where it’s wet and the snow is becoming ice, sticking on the panels. In this case it’s better to clean solar panels, but through solar panel cleaning specialists.


What concerns to solar panel productivity, we have to repeat that the system produces less during the winter, but it’s because of less solar hours. But we have to mention a very important fact: as the PV is producing more energy during the summertime, which is being accumulated, there’s a possibility to use the accumulated energy during the wintertime. So, we have a compensation of energy in the winter.

So, even the wind, snow, cold don’t make an obstacle to have a eco friendly energy from sun. So, why to wait? Why to lose summer sunny days and not to install solar PV system to become energy efficient.

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