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The best product must be with a quality service. 


Solar PV installation is a big chance to save energy and money at home and business. The system gives opportunity to reduce electricity costs even till 0. But, how much time you'll have an ideal productivity of PV modules, it's in your hands.

Every equipment needs service, and the service for PV modules is its cleaning.


It's logical, that the cleaner is hte solar modulce surface, the better it absorbs the solar light.


Over the years, even months, the dust level on the surface of the solar module increases, which causes drop in productivity. In order to keep the customer's savings level high and ensure longevity, Eco Step offers: 


  • Solar module one-time cleaning

  • Annual subscription for washing solar panels

  • Annual subscription for washing solar panels, system monitoring, inspection of mounting structures


There are special conditions for customers and subscribers of Eco Step Armenia. 

For details, call 077 388 338.