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Solar PV Autonomic System or Oil/Diesel Generator

Choose your perfect battery system: Solar PV autonomic system or oil/diesel generator

Oil generator is considered one of the first and best systems which provides energy where’s no electricity. This kind of system is needed in every sector – both residential and commercial. People are calm at home, where they know they have no lack of electricity and at the same time, the companies, manufacturers are calm, when they realize the manufacturing won’t stay because of the power outage.

However, the problem is keeping going on, but the permanent electricity solutions are changing. Today solar battery systems are more and more extended than generators.

We’ll discuss about advantages and disadvantages of both solar PV systems and generators as a permanent energy source.
Diesel or oil generators’ the best advantage is the price in comparaison with solar PV systems. And also, in contrast with solar accumulators, the generators are easy to find and install. They are very easy to find in every construction shop.
Generators are also very easy to transport from place to place, but the solar panels are being installed on an exact place and are not mobile. There is a risk to damage them in case of transportation every time.
So, from the side of transportation, generators have more advantages, but they have another big disadvantage: they need to be filled every time with diesel or oil. This is uncomfortable and not very cost-effective. The user may be in the field or forests, where’s no oil, but in case of solar PV system, the sun always exists in everywhere, so the user don’t have to find a source of work of the accumulating system. But from this point of view, the solar PV has also its risks, in case of foggy weather.
Anyway, nowadays, the solar PV system has more advantages than the generators.
From the side of finance, it seems that solar is more expensive and not cost effective, but it needs only one and first investment. But for the generators, the user needs always to pay for the source – for diesel or oil. So if we calculate the payback period, it’s more comfortable to invest in solar PV system.
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