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How to Choose a Right Solar Water Heater for a Family

How to choose a right solar water heater for a family


The augmenting number of solar water heater systems in Armenian rooftops facts about development of solar energy sphere in the country. It is also the result of customers’ satisfaction. Everybody looks at his/her neighbour. Everybody asks whether the neighbour is satisfied. They see the product’s advantages, they see the real economy and desire to have it too.

But, there’s a very important fact. The technologies are different, the volumes are different, and not always the neighbour’s system is suitable for your family.

So, how to choose a right system for a family to zero house’s domestic hot water costs.

First of all, the solar water heaters have different volumes. On average, 240-360 l non-pressure systems are being  installed in Armenia

So, how to choose family’s solar water heater volume.

Basically, we have to follow international standards of domestic hot water usage volume. In general it’s 50l water used for a person per day. Logically these standards are not the same for hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, sport clubs and other establishments which have hot water needs. These places have other standards.

However, as we mentioned 50l/person is the DHW (domestic hot water) usage standard, but this is also very individual.

  • There’re families, which are not at home much time. They travel; they work a lot, so they are not at home to use much water.
  • Against this, there’re families, who have guests every day, so their kitchen hot water needs are big.

So, we’d suggest to discuss with a solar energy specialist when choosing a water heater volume. Be in touch with specialized companies, which have developed engineering and technical team.

The wrong choice of the solar water heater volume will cause inconvenience. The water will not be enough or even if it’s enough, it won’t be hot enough.


It’s not correct to base on neighbour’s installation and desire the same: same volume, same colour, same size, and same price. This problem is very common in Armenia. Everybody wants the same the neighbour has.

There’re other factors too to pay attention. There’re two kind of solar water heaters, based on the pressure:

1. Pressurized water heaters (Solar water heaters with pressure)

2. Non pressure solar water heaters

Non pressure solar water heaters are self flow systems. They’re being installed on the rooftop, so the water flows itself from the height.

Pressurized systems are useful in cases when there’s no place for flow. For example when the roof is very low or the bathroom is very high so we can say the system is on the same dimension with the point which needs hot water. These systems are much more expensive, because they have augmented value- pressure system installed.

Except the pressure factor, these systems have other feature too. There’s no water filled in the vacuum tubes. In case the tube is broken, the water won’t fill out. There’re copper rods in the tubes, which are getting hot from the sunlight and teat the water in the water tank. The system work is shown in the picture.

So, being specialized in solar installations, Eco Step Green Energy Solution Company is ready to consult and offer the best solar solution for your family and business. Call us now. Our solar energy specialists will answer all your questions.

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