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From Family Savings to Country Energetic Freedom

From family savings to country energetic freedom! Solar water heater


The family is the basis of country. The right decision of the family is the basis of country development.

Armenian always finds a solution when it seems every door is closed. We bake bread from stone, we don’t have sea but we have Shavarsh Karapetyan… We don’t have oil, but we are a ,,country of sun,, … We have SUN !

Solar energy field is going to progression very rapidly. And this is a fact about armenians’ right decisions. Armenian families are right when getting solar systems and Armenian government is right when supporting solar energy field development.

Solar water heaters became a ,,obligatory,, in Armenian villages.
It isn’t possible to imagine houses without refrigirator. Now it’s not possible to imagine houses neither without solar water heater. It’s a very important and simple system for every point of view. It’s very comfortable for using, for installation and even from financing point of view.

Our government and even European funds support Armenian people to gain very low interest rate energysaving loans. People purchase solar systems with minimum investments. Collaborating with Armenian banks and credit companies, the resident will get solar water heater just paying 5 – 6 thousand per month. This is even less than the amount of saving that the client will have.

The presented above is the smallest, micro advantage of the solar water heater, from the point of view of family’s energy saving. But this small and cheap product has a huge influence on country’s energetic freedom. Solar water heater number day by day increasement is a fact about the following: We won’t need foreign oil or gas. We’ll be free from gas price increase. Our ecology will be cleaner and the air fresher…

Eco Step Armenia’s goal is to make energysaving technologies available for everyone: Family, business and even government. Solar systems may be installed on houses, apartment buildings, on rooftops, ground, as a roof or garage.

Of course! this is one of Eco Step Armenia mission: Armenia’s energetic freedom!

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