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Electricity Instead of Coffee? Positive Influence

Did you know? Scientists persuade using electric flow to develop human brain work. This method makes the brain to be more dynamic, concentrated, fast and clever. This may be used for healthy people. And for unhealthy or sick ones – the method may give possibility to relax, rid of tire, angriness.


Transcranial direct electrostimulation technology develops memory, concentration, it improves human’s motor and verbal possibilities. Specialists are sure – this method will soon be included in many hospitals’ routine and will be available to everyone. People may become more clever during some minutes. Now this method is used in some clinics as an after-insult, rehabilitation therapy.

And so, how does this strange therapy is being done? The patient passes it sited. The doctor places electrodes in the forehead and near ears. The procedure may have different timings and strength. It depends of the patient’s situation and doctor’s decision. After turning it on, weak electricity passes through the patient’s brain (2-3 mА):  This all has the same influence as a cup of coffee.

Now you may think if the procedure has just the same influence as a cup of coffee, so why not to drink just a coffee? The difference is that the coffee influences on total brain, but the electricity flow influences brain’s different parts one by one at the same time. The therapy may be turned on for an exact part of the brain. For example it may influence on vision or hearing or something else.Ihelian University professor Ralph Hoffman ensure this.

Of course, except the improvement of different parts of the brain, the Transcranial direct electrostimulation technology gives possibility to brake some activities of the brain. This is mostly used during some tests.

Dominique Durand, a professor of Ohayo University, facts that the electrical flow may help get rid of chronic tire and depression. It’s not a secret that nowadays every 2-3 person feels depressed and tired. So the professor believes this therapy will have future.

Durand discovered that the patients who passed transcranial direct electrostimulation therapy started feeling better. The psychological tests before and after the therapy they passed had really different results. The fatigue passed, so people passed better the tests.

So, to sum up, it’s really possible that in near future, people also will run with electrodes on their heads, just like mice do.

Electric vehicles. Advantages, disadvantages, opportunities

When to electric cars, it’s very important to take into consideration that the field is new, and the technologies are growing fast, so there may be some disadvantages, which may be corrected in the near future. The machine engineering companies, which are designing electric cars are becoming more and more.

So, before presenting the advantages of the electro mobile, lets understand what’s that. So, the electric car is a car, which is charged with electricity, not with oil.

What kind of advantages does the electric vehicle have?

According to many ecological articles, the most important advantage of electric car is being eco-friendly.


  • These cars are the best transports, which have minimum bad influence on surrounding.  People who prefer electric vehicles, basically take this fact as a basis. Electric cars (not hybrid ones) have 0 emission.
  • Electricity may be renewable, but not the oil.

Electric cars, which use electricity, may charge the battery with the help of green technologies, but not the oil. The oil is a natural resource and it will be finished one day. Electric car owners may use their house solar panels, or small wind turbines to make charge the car. And it’s free.

It’s significant to mention the financial part:

  • Electricity is less expensive than the oil or gas
  • Electric car service is much cheaper than gas/oil car
  • Many electric cars may charge during the downhill and decrease the battery’s discharge.  


  • Electric vehicles demand less and rare service.

The car without engine doesn’t need oil, so no need to change the oil every time. The cost of oil is zero in these cars.

  • Electric cars are silent, especially when 100% charged.

In some countries the citizens are obliged to install noise maker gadgets on their electric cars, for pedestrians to know there’s a car near them.


However, now let’s see what are the disadvantages of electric vehicles?

  • These vehicles have less power reserve than the ordinal ones. They may pass shorter road.

Although the world famous, giant auto machine engineering companies try to develop electric cars, they have a big problem anyway: They cannot pass a long way with one charge. In general an electrical vehicle can pass 60-100 miles fully charged, while a simple oil car can pass 400 miles fully charged.

  • Charging needs time.

The oil tank needs no more than 3 minutes to be fully charged, while electric car battery needs up to 20 hours to be fully charged. In case the electric vehicle model is the newest, the most expensive, it may be charged during 5-6 hours. Anyway, in case the user has solar panels at home, for him it’s much easier and cheaper to charge the electric car during the whole night time.

  • The electric cars are usually very expensive. The middle class car will cost 250 000 RUB, In case the middle class simple oil car will cost 70 000 RUB. Luxury electric vehicles cost even more than 600 000 RUB. But never mind, the more developed the sphere is, the cheaper the prices are.
  • There’s not much choice of electric car models.

Finally, the companies were focused simple oil cars design for 100s of years, and now they cannot provide that much models in the industry on electric cars. It’s a time question and will be solved.


Anyway, even with some disadvantages, the electric vehicles are becoming the favourite transport modes of people who are concerned about ecological issues.