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The Most Common Myths About Solar Energy

Read the article if you’re not recommended to profit from the free energy of the sun!

Myth 1։ The solar panel will damage the roof

Contrary to this assertion, the solar panels’ existence is even good for the roof. It protects the roof from mechanical injuries. Rarely may we see, when the roof is damaged, when a solar station is installed on it. The solar panel is not being installed directly on the roof anyway. It’s being installed with special mounting system, metallic structures, which are made just for solar. The structures have special rubbers, which make the connection more elastic between the metallic structure and roof. So, the possibility to damage the roof is nearly 0% in case professional installation.
The solar panels are being installed higher than the roof, so they protect the roof from hail, snow and rain.

Myth 2։ The solar panels are not able to work in cold regions

The solar panel works during every season, every temperature and in every region. The only thing the solar module needs is the energy of sun, direct rays of the light. In some cases the efficiency becomes higher in the winter, cause the existence of white snow makes the sunlight to be reflected. It’s better to produce energy with reflected lights. Cold weather is even better for monocrystalline solar panels, because they may have more degradation when it’s very hot. Anyway, the panels’ working temperature is -40 C – +85 C.

Myth 3։ Solar PV installation is too expensive for middle-income families

In reality, the economy from solar system is more than the investment for it. The payback period of the investment is 4-5 years.
Now, when every country tries to support the alternative energy sources’ development, the families have possibility to purchase energy saving products with the best loan terms. Both the families and the businesses may install solar PV-s with no investment and then just pay monthly.
Eco Step Green Energy Solutions Company is collaborating with all Armenian banks and credit companies to help both individual and business clients to purchase solar panels with the best conditions. So we deny the myth that middle income family cannot afford solar system.

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Myth 4։ Solar PV existence on the roof is not beautiful

The efficiency of solar panel is growing up every month and this gives possibility to use fewer surface and get more energy. The size of solar PV system is getting less and less. Except this, the world started to produce better design like with black colour frame or double glass or no frame and so on. So everybody can choose whatever he’d like to see on his rooftop. Anyway, of course the price also differs according to the design.
And what is the most important is that the PV system existence gives a value to the reality!

Myth 5։ The solar PV station’s power depends on the house’s sizes

There’s an opinion, that the PV system is foreseen only for big families and businesses. Some people even say that it’s too expensive for small families. But as we mentioned before, thanks to government’s support and very convenient loan terms it’s becoming very affordable for everyone.

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Taking into consideration the monthly average cost of electricity, we may offer PV installation from a kilowatt to even megawatts. So, the PV installation is an ideal, energy saving decision for everyone: both for families and businesses.

They say us very often, ,Your system is very expensive,
We just answer! , It’s not expensive, it’s free,

Basing on highest quality and security, we prolong our PV systems’ lifetime more than 30 years. Finally, the solar system is what we buy only once during our life. We have to be very attentive to the quality and security not to the price.

Solar PV system gains the first place in the row of the energy saving products, which may save electricity costs even with 100%.
So, call now, ask what you need to know and we’ll clarify the reality and the myth. We’ll give the best free consultation.

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