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Green in fashion. What speaks color about personality?

Today is a day to speak not about alternative energy sources but fashion. Of course this is one of the most interesting topics for women.


Let’s speak about green color in fashion and style.

Did you notice that the most common color of the 2021 is green one. The fashion trends are revolving around green.


Is this a trend connected with nature and environment? This is how the fashion critics explain this appearance.

After all, the first thing that inspires the artist, the designer, is nature.


The green became very popular with its all shades, from light mint to dark green.


But why exactly the green became so polular in fashion industry? Why people accepted it much more than for example neon colors.

Color phsychology, of course, gives all the answers.

A person’s color choice speaks about his/her emotions, feelings, behaviour and character.



Many people associate the green with nature and harmony. This is a color, which is used in eastern countries to relax from everyday routine.



Pay atention, that this is the favorite color of many lucky people. They are the ones who love money. Green is the color of money, jealousy and envy.

Researches shov that green lovers are the ones who strive for success. Many business people affirmed that they love green color the most.



The color is not only a mood of a moment. It is fixed in human memory. Imagine how tired is a person who passes all the day in a color and light polluted place. Let’s agree we all have this friend, who is always tired because of his colorful and noisy workplace. They want to do nothing.

People who work in a green and calm surrounding are often very quiet and positive.


And so,


Then, why we say ,,green way,,.

So, pass much time in nature, wear green clothes. The color not only speaks about our psychology, but also has big influence on human aura and energy.

Why we Celebrate Chinese New Year in February?

Acting in solar energy field, it’s impossible to avoid China and Chinese relationships, cause it’s the biggest giant in PV industry. China is the biggest producer of PV modules, inverters and other solar technologies.

China is a very interesting culture, which is worth to study. So, why Chinese people celebrate New year holidays in February? What means red colour in China during holidays?


So, to start this interesting topic, we have to mention that Chinese new year is celebrated in February, not in 1st January, cause they are taking into account not Gregorian but Lunar calendar, and as the day is connected with Lunar calendar- a new moon birth, it’s not the same every year. The Chinese New Year day is being changed every year, but anyway it’s is being celebrated during February.

According to Easters calendar, China is celebrating not 2022 but 4720 year.

The real name of Chinese New Year is Chunjie, which means ,,Spring festival,,. They celebrate their spring festival with many similarities with Armenian people. First of all they pass the holidays with their families. They make traditional dishes, many of which include meat and sweets. They make a very family supper evening together. Chinese people like making gifts to each other.  The most common gift is money in red envelope, which symbolises luck in New Year.

And what is the meaning of the dragon? Why all New Year decorations are in red colour in China?

As we understood, Chinese New Year history is more than 4000 years. In pursuance of Chinese legend, a monster dragon named Nian (Nian means year in Chinese) comes every New Year and damages peoples’ houses, steels children and eats their food.

After some time, people understand that the only thing the Dragon is scared is red colour. They start to decorate their houses with red lanterns; they wear red clothes and make fireworks.

The other way to protect from Dragon is feasting and feeding the dragon. Chinese people place very tasty food near the house doors, for the dragon to carry them and be kind to people.

So, the legend of Nian Dragon made the Chinese holidays very specific and interesting to the whole world.

How to Choose a Right Solar Water Heater for a Family

The augmenting number of solar water heater systems in Armenian rooftops facts about development of solar energy sphere in the country. It is also the result of customers’ satisfaction. Everybody looks at his/her neighbour. Everybody asks whether the neighbour is satisfied. They see the product’s advantages, they see the real economy and desire to have it too.

But, there’s a very important fact. The technologies are different, the volumes are different, and not always the neighbour’s system is suitable for your family.

So, how to choose a right system for a family to zero house’s domestic hot water costs.

First of all, the solar water heaters have different volumes. On average, 240-360 l non-pressure systems are being  installed in Armenia

So, how to choose family’s solar water heater volume.

Basically, we have to follow international standards of domestic hot water usage volume. In general it’s 50l water used for a person per day. Logically these standards are not the same for hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, sport clubs and other establishments which have hot water needs. These places have other standards.

However, as we mentioned 50l/person is the DHW (domestic hot water) usage standard, but this is also very individual.

  • There’re families, which are not at home much time. They travel; they work a lot, so they are not at home to use much water.
  • Against this, there’re families, who have guests every day, so their kitchen hot water needs are big.

So, we’d suggest to discuss with a solar energy specialist when choosing a water heater volume. Be in touch with specialized companies, which have developed engineering and technical team.

The wrong choice of the solar water heater volume will cause inconvenience. The water will not be enough or even if it’s enough, it won’t be hot enough.


It’s not correct to base on neighbour’s installation and desire the same: same volume, same colour, same size, and same price. This problem is very common in Armenia. Everybody wants the same the neighbour has.

There’re other factors too to pay attention. There’re two kind of solar water heaters, based on the pressure:

1. Pressurized water heaters (Solar water heaters with pressure)

2. Non pressure solar water heaters

Non pressure solar water heaters are self flow systems. They’re being installed on the rooftop, so the water flows itself from the height.

Pressurized systems are useful in cases when there’s no place for flow. For example when the roof is very low or the bathroom is very high so we can say the system is on the same dimension with the point which needs hot water. These systems are much more expensive, because they have augmented value- pressure system installed.

Except the pressure factor, these systems have other feature too. There’s no water filled in the vacuum tubes. In case the tube is broken, the water won’t fill out. There’re copper rods in the tubes, which are getting hot from the sunlight and teat the water in the water tank. The system work is shown in the picture.

So, being specialized in solar installations, Eco Step Green Energy Solution Company is ready to consult and offer the best solar solution for your family and business. Call us now. Our solar energy specialists will answer all your questions.

Electricity Instead of Coffee? Positive Influence

Did you know? Scientists persuade using electric flow to develop human brain work. This method makes the brain to be more dynamic, concentrated, fast and clever. This may be used for healthy people. And for unhealthy or sick ones – the method may give possibility to relax, rid of tire, angriness.


Transcranial direct electrostimulation technology develops memory, concentration, it improves human’s motor and verbal possibilities. Specialists are sure – this method will soon be included in many hospitals’ routine and will be available to everyone. People may become more clever during some minutes. Now this method is used in some clinics as an after-insult, rehabilitation therapy.

And so, how does this strange therapy is being done? The patient passes it sited. The doctor places electrodes in the forehead and near ears. The procedure may have different timings and strength. It depends of the patient’s situation and doctor’s decision. After turning it on, weak electricity passes through the patient’s brain (2-3 mА):  This all has the same influence as a cup of coffee.

Now you may think if the procedure has just the same influence as a cup of coffee, so why not to drink just a coffee? The difference is that the coffee influences on total brain, but the electricity flow influences brain’s different parts one by one at the same time. The therapy may be turned on for an exact part of the brain. For example it may influence on vision or hearing or something else.Ihelian University professor Ralph Hoffman ensure this.

Of course, except the improvement of different parts of the brain, the Transcranial direct electrostimulation technology gives possibility to brake some activities of the brain. This is mostly used during some tests.

Dominique Durand, a professor of Ohayo University, facts that the electrical flow may help get rid of chronic tire and depression. It’s not a secret that nowadays every 2-3 person feels depressed and tired. So the professor believes this therapy will have future.

Durand discovered that the patients who passed transcranial direct electrostimulation therapy started feeling better. The psychological tests before and after the therapy they passed had really different results. The fatigue passed, so people passed better the tests.

So, to sum up, it’s really possible that in near future, people also will run with electrodes on their heads, just like mice do.

Is Solar Energy Actual and Workable During the Wintertime?

The most common myth about solar energy is that it’s not working during the winter. We’re very glad to announce that this claim is not correct.


So, now please pay attention to the facts:

  • Solar panels are working even in the winter, when there’s a sun. The most important is the sunshine presence.
  • We may say that the system keeps the same efficiency in the winter, as it does in the summer. The only reason the system produces less energy in the winter is that the sun hours are less than during the summer.
  • Technically: Solar panel silicone Is closed with a anti-glare glass, which absorbs maximum light.
  • In the same way, the solar panel absorbs the air temperature. Even in case a very small sunlight the panel gets much hotter.  So the snow melts and cleans the panel. That’s why we call solar panel a ,,self-cleaning product,,


So, as we understood, the glass of the solar panel influences on the system’s productivity during the winter time. It helps to absorb much energy.


How the cold helps or obstacles to the solar PV system?

What concerns to the cold, it only helps the solar panel work. The colder is the atmosphere, the less is the degradation of the PV module.

In many regions, where it is cold, solar systems have the best productivity.


Gegharquniq region is one of these regions in Armenia. This is a place where is very cold, but not foggy.


Is it needed to serve solar panels in the winter?

In general, solar panels are classified to the products, which don’t need any service.

As we mentioned above, the snow Is melting down from the solar panel even in case a small sunlight. But there’re some regions, where it’s wet and the snow is becoming ice, sticking on the panels. In this case it’s better to clean solar panels, but through solar panel cleaning specialists.


What concerns to solar panel productivity, we have to repeat that the system produces less during the winter, but it’s because of less solar hours. But we have to mention a very important fact: as the PV is producing more energy during the summertime, which is being accumulated, there’s a possibility to use the accumulated energy during the wintertime. So, we have a compensation of energy in the winter.

So, even the wind, snow, cold don’t make an obstacle to have a eco friendly energy from sun. So, why to wait? Why to lose summer sunny days and not to install solar PV system to become energy efficient.

What’s the difference between wire and cable

Although cables and wires are considered to be the accessories of the solar station, they are extremely important for the quality and productivity of the solar station. These elements are responsible for connecting the main solar components of the solar PV system.

Solar panels are usually installed on the roof to avoid shadows. The panels absorb the energy of light from the sun and reproduce a constant current.

The moment when the solar panel absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to direct current, the main role is taken by the solar cables and wires immediately, which deliver direct current to the solar inverter.

Properly designed solar panels have a high level of safety and productivity. The cables and wires which connect solar panels to the solar inverter are one of the most important components of the photovoltaic system, as they are responsible not only for electricity transfer but also for the less losses.


Solar wires

Solar wires which connect different solar components have different types. In general they connect solar panel, inverter, controller, batteries if needed.

The proper choice of the PV wires has a significant role for the efficient work of the solar panel. The wrong choice of the PV system may cause technical problems, less productivity, and may not charge batteries properly.


The composition of the wires

Generally there are two types of solar wires: single cord and multi cord. The word tells itself that the multi cord wire consists of many, thick wires.

The cord is generally covered with a protective layer, but there are wires that are not being closed. Single cord wires are generally used for not so strong equipment, like household appliance. These wires have small diameter. They are much cheaper than multi cord wires.

As mentioned before, multi cord wires consist of many smaller and thicker wires, which are closed with protection layer. Multi cord solar wires are flexible and can resist to hard, physical movements.

What concerns to solar installations, single cord wires are usually installed in open air places, on the rooftops, where very strong wires are needed to resist wind. Cause single cord ones are not so flexible and won’t kink. Multi cord ones are usually used in places where is much wiring.


Solar wire materials

The materials which are used in wires are also different. Wires may be made from aluminium or copper. They both may be used in residential and commercial installations.

Copper wires have higher level of conduction than aluminium ones. The same length copper wire may pass more electricity than the aluminium one. Except this, copper has more flexibility and thermo resistance. And also, we must mention that the copper wires are much more expensive than aluminium ones.

The same wire can have different thickness.

Solar wires differ with insulation also. The insulation protects wires from wet, temperature, chemical reactions, and ultraviolet rays.


Solar cable

The solar cable is an insulated collection of insulated solar wires. Professionals use them to connect solar panels to other solar components. These solar cables resist to very strong UV rays, temperatures, chemical reactions and so on. Cables also can be different with their diameter. They can be 4mm, 6mm. This diversification is for different installations. The less thick cables are being installed in the outside.


Anyway. Three types of cables are used for solar installations: DC cables, main solar cables and AC cables.


DC cables

These cables are differentiated in modular and wired cables. Actually they are single cord, copper, insulated cables. DC cables are usually built-in solar panel. This is the reason the cables are not always seen and sometimes they are difficult to remove.


Main cables

DC main cable is very thick. This is a collector cable which connects positive and negative cables to each other in the junction box. The main cable of DC has different thickness. It starts from 2mm to 6mm.

Professionals give importance to solar cable quality, cause these components are responsible for technical advantages of the PV system. You may be sure of there won’t be short circuits, earthing problems if the cables are fine.

The main cable of DC may be both single cord and multi cord. Double layer isolations are the most reliable. They can resist to very strong physical overloads. The cables between solar inverter and junction box are usually double cord.

Except this there’s another DC cable also, which is responsible for solar inverter-protection system connection.


Anyway, as we understood from today’s solar blog, solar cables are one of the most important accessories of the PV system, which are responsible for both higher efficiency and for technical reliability.­­­

Electric vehicles. Advantages, disadvantages, opportunities

When to electric cars, it’s very important to take into consideration that the field is new, and the technologies are growing fast, so there may be some disadvantages, which may be corrected in the near future. The machine engineering companies, which are designing electric cars are becoming more and more.

So, before presenting the advantages of the electro mobile, lets understand what’s that. So, the electric car is a car, which is charged with electricity, not with oil.

What kind of advantages does the electric vehicle have?

According to many ecological articles, the most important advantage of electric car is being eco-friendly.


  • These cars are the best transports, which have minimum bad influence on surrounding.  People who prefer electric vehicles, basically take this fact as a basis. Electric cars (not hybrid ones) have 0 emission.
  • Electricity may be renewable, but not the oil.

Electric cars, which use electricity, may charge the battery with the help of green technologies, but not the oil. The oil is a natural resource and it will be finished one day. Electric car owners may use their house solar panels, or small wind turbines to make charge the car. And it’s free.

It’s significant to mention the financial part:

  • Electricity is less expensive than the oil or gas
  • Electric car service is much cheaper than gas/oil car
  • Many electric cars may charge during the downhill and decrease the battery’s discharge.  


  • Electric vehicles demand less and rare service.

The car without engine doesn’t need oil, so no need to change the oil every time. The cost of oil is zero in these cars.

  • Electric cars are silent, especially when 100% charged.

In some countries the citizens are obliged to install noise maker gadgets on their electric cars, for pedestrians to know there’s a car near them.


However, now let’s see what are the disadvantages of electric vehicles?

  • These vehicles have less power reserve than the ordinal ones. They may pass shorter road.

Although the world famous, giant auto machine engineering companies try to develop electric cars, they have a big problem anyway: They cannot pass a long way with one charge. In general an electrical vehicle can pass 60-100 miles fully charged, while a simple oil car can pass 400 miles fully charged.

  • Charging needs time.

The oil tank needs no more than 3 minutes to be fully charged, while electric car battery needs up to 20 hours to be fully charged. In case the electric vehicle model is the newest, the most expensive, it may be charged during 5-6 hours. Anyway, in case the user has solar panels at home, for him it’s much easier and cheaper to charge the electric car during the whole night time.

  • The electric cars are usually very expensive. The middle class car will cost 250 000 RUB, In case the middle class simple oil car will cost 70 000 RUB. Luxury electric vehicles cost even more than 600 000 RUB. But never mind, the more developed the sphere is, the cheaper the prices are.
  • There’s not much choice of electric car models.

Finally, the companies were focused simple oil cars design for 100s of years, and now they cannot provide that much models in the industry on electric cars. It’s a time question and will be solved.


Anyway, even with some disadvantages, the electric vehicles are becoming the favourite transport modes of people who are concerned about ecological issues.

When the solar panels are dying? Recycling of solar panels

Alternative energy is realized as an eco friendly technology, but what happens to this technology, once they reach the end of their lifetime?

The solar industry, which is one of the biggest fields of the alternative energy sources, continues developing and fighting against the climate change. In 2008 5.5 GW capacities was installed in all over the world, which produced total 15 GW energy. The installed total capacity grew till 22 GW in 2013. The industry keeps going on today.

However, the experts are existed whether the solar energy is really as green as we imagine. In any case, it is manufactured in factories; it is demanding grow materials and can leave wastes, it has lifetime and after the lifetime, it has to be recycled, if not, it’s becoming a rubbish and no eco anymore.

The solar experts are sure: Manufacturers must have responsibility and recycle the manufactured solar panels after 25-30 years and more. For example, PV modules contain glass, aluminium, which may be successfully used for another production or even for solar panel.

The problem that the PV modules are not old enough and cannot provide enough volume to start recycling, so the PV recycling start-up has to start with collecting solar panels for a while and then open a manufacturing.

Anyway, this issue is so essential, that the European Commission undertook it and started development. The members of this commission have signed a joint declaration and accepted to collect minimum 65% of solar panels installed in Europe since 1990 and recycle the 85% of the waste.


So, from the view of the business: How are the PV panels recycled? Who will be responsible of following the PV module lifetime and collecting them?

  • The exploiter: The owners /houses or businesses/ are responsible to collect damaged or old solar panels and deliver to the PV recycling company.
  • The manufacturer and electronic companies: The manufacturer is responsible to collect the batteries, junction boxes and so on and recycle, reuse them.

From the view of the economy, the recycling company itself is interested in getting the recycling materials and will pay to organize the process of course, but will it be profitable for it?

Many economists and experts share that the PV recycling is not financially viable today, in the absence of a carbon price. It’s of course clear that the PV recycling is quite profitable for the PV manufacturer, but will it be ok from the view of carbon taxes or carbon prices.

However, many manufacturers have developed a plan: how to make a recycling just in the PV manufacturing process.

The First Solar is one of these companies which finance a PV recycling program.  They are separating the panel into glass, metal and electronics. The components are being recycled just in the factory and being reused for the PV module manufacturing.

The Perfect Place to Install Solar Panels. Where and How?

Whether it’s possible to install solar panels anywhere? The most frequently asked question has one answer-question: Will it be possible to plant a garden in anyplace not considering the issue of light, water and ground.

Just like plants, the solar panels also need the highest light rate, which is the most important factor for the PV installation.
The solar PV station slope, azimuth are the most important factors during installation, so it’s not possible to install without the site study. It’s not the same to install solar panels on the house wall vertically or on the rooftop horizontally. The efficiency will be very different. Everything matters.

The solar PV installation is not a small investment, so it must be ideal to trust the pre-installation studies to a specialized team, who will examine the solar potential, roof or relief. In common, the solar panels are being installed on the rooftop with an exact way, with solar metal construction. This is because the solar PV is the most efficient when having a slope to south. So this is the reason, that every customer must ask himself: What is the most important reason he installs the solar panel: energy efficiency, gas reduction or just the solar PV existence on the rooftop.

In general, the most common place to install solar panels is the rooftop, especially when it’s residential project. But it’s also possible to install on the ground like a cover, roofing, parking and so on. Depending on the site features, climate and other factors, the listed above constructions may all produce the highest efficiency and solar power if installed with ideal technical standards.

Just within this theme, we’d like to talk about the solar PV installation price, which depends the installation features, whether it’s on the roof or ground. In case of ground mounting, the price is higher for concrete and metal construction height. So this is the reason, that Eco Step Green Energy Solution Company never publishes fixed prices. The most professional approach is to study the site, make a solar examination and then make a material price list.
However, where is the most convenient place to install solar panels? Everywhere is possible, and everything depends on the site features.