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House solar heating system. How to make it possible?

House solar heating system. How to make it possible in Armenia?

The winter is coming and the questions about the solar heating systems for houses or other places are getting more and more. Some people think that the ordinary, solar water heater is enough to heat the house, but this is not a real, reasonable solution, the power of solar water heater is not enough to get highest efficiency for house heating.

Solar house heating is possible either with getting free energy from sun by installing solar panels or installing solar heat pipe vacuum tubes and getting hot water from sun and circulating it for heat floor or radiators.

First and the most effective way to heat house by sun is installing PV system and electric heaters in the house, getting free energy from sun and heat by electric equipment.

Thanks to Armenian Government support, house heating by PV system is reasonable even during the coldest and the foggiest winter, cause the government gives a possibility to accumulate produced energy in the electric grid and use it during the foggy, winter season. So, we have the following: Having a powerful solar station on the rooftop, we may collect energy during summer, spring or autumn, hot season and use it during the heating months, without paying for it.

So, to be clearer, let’s bring some examples:

Let’s imagine, that to reduce electricity costs, we have to install 2kw solar panels, but this will not be enough during the winter, when we need a heating system. Calculating the client’s house surface, electric heating equipment power and other components, Eco Step Armenia engineering group will calculate a reasonable solar PV power, which will accumulate enough power for winter. Of course we need to calculate also the sun irradiation level in the region, where we are going to install the PV, cause different regions have different level of sunny or foggy days, different temperature and other climate conditions.

Let’s imagine that for the project our engineer team calculates and advices to install 6 kw solar station. So, it’s clear that the client will use only 2kw power and accumulate 4kw in electric grid during the non-house heating season. The accumulated power will come back automatically during the house heating season and will support heating system with the 6kw station installed on the rooftop.

There’s another important thing: The electric grid gives opportunity to use accumulated power only before 31 December. After the year changes, the grid is buying automatically all accumulated kilowatts and paying for them.

So, heating the house by solar PV system is one of the most effective ways to heat house by renewable energy.

Follow our blog and we’ll tell also how to heat house using pressurized solar water heating system.

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