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Is It Important to Wash Solar Panels?


Yes, because the productivity of the winter is added to the overproductivity of the summer.Logically, the cleaner the surface of the solar panel, the better it absorbs sunlight, providing effective work. To save money and ensure the efficiency of your solar plant, EcoStep offers a plant washing service. Experience shows that after washing the solar modules, the productivity of the plant increases by up to 30%.

Is Installing a Solar Power Plant So Profitable?


In addition to zeroing out your utility bills, solar power is also affordable from a down payment perspective. Various state subsidy and European Union programs pay the installment interest for you, the entire process of which Eco Step organizes and coordinates without additional problems. It turns out that you pay the bank less per month than before for the electricity utility. Second, the electricity produced by solar plants is a profitable side income. Today, in many countries, as well as in Armenia, where solar energy is developing, there is a "Green Tariff". The latter is a clear mechanism by which the state buys electricity produced from alternative energy sources from private individuals. That is, you not only repay the money in a short period of time, but also reduce the total cost thanks to the side income. This is the reason for the increasing number of solar plants.

Is it expensive to install a solar plant?


The cost of installing a solar plant is quite high, but the savings from it are several times more than the investment. Moreover, banks and credit organizations currently offer special subsidy conditions. buy now, pay later in very small parts.

Do solar panels work in winter?


Solar panels work with sunlight, not heat. Therefore there is no difference whether it is summer or winter.Of course, there are fewer sunny hours in winter, so the panels have lower productivity, but they work.

And is the low productivity of winter enough to reduce the cost of electricity to zero?


Yes, because the productivity of the winter is compounded by the over-productivity of the summer․In summer, the solar plant usually produces much more than the consumer needs. Additional electricity is stored on the electricity subscription card and is used during the winter months.

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